Services to EmiratePad

Road helps passengers get connected with transport operators via the air (for flight and freight), road (for cab, bus, taxi etc.), rail (for train) and water (for shipping and ferry). If you offer such service or you are an agent who can make an arrangement for passengers, and you are legally registered to do this in your country, then we can list you for free.

How to get an Operator Account ready

  • For you to add your service, you have to setup an account or log in from MENU > Enter Email.
  • If you are logged in, then make sure you have secured your account. Go to MENU > Settings > Secure My Account
  • The wizard will get you a password, but you need to go to your email to verify it.
  • After this, return to Settings again. You will find link to Activate Operator Account.
  • Click on the MENU > Activate Operator Account
  • You will activate this for free, then setup your picture and About information and you are good to go.

Add your Service to EmiratePad

  • Now that your account is ready, just browse to find the route you operate in or use the field on the homepage.
  • Once you have found the route, select it and you will be brought to the route page. The route could be between two cities or within a city
  • Scroll to the bottom and find a green link urging you to Add your service here.
  • Click on it and select the means you use to convey passengers and goods such as air, road, rail or water.
  • Click on the continue button to add more information, then you can publish it.
  • Visit the page and share.
  • Passengers will be able to review your service and even make inquiries or reservations online.
  • You can chat with customers too, if your inbox an their own is enabled (up to you two to do so).
  • Many more packages coming... It's a promise