About EmiratePad

EmiratePad offers free information on routes for residents and visitors of a city, and is a notepad for commuters to keep track of their favourite routes and transport services that help them move everyday. The philosophy behind RoadPad is that a route exists between every two points on earth, and we shall help connect commuters to the operators that can help them get there through the best possible means. While creating value for commuters and travellers, we also create value for travel agencies and transport companies. Click here to learn more if you are a transport operator or travel agent

Press Coverage

RoadPad has over 50,000 cities and is trying to create a connection from each city to every city of the world, and then listing the best transport operator for that particular route via air, road, rail and water. Mapping the routes across 50,000 cities will create more than 2 billion routes across the world. -Masterweb Tech Report
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We are ever eager to hear from you. We are on Twitter @RoadPad. Follow us for updates. Like us on Facebook too here. If you already use EmiratePad, you can contact us on any of these two accounts:

Also, you can email us at contact(at)emiratepad.com

Career with EmiratePad

EmiratePad will be hiring talents who can help make EmiratePad better in every aspect. We shall be looking out for marketers, product developers, software engineers and transport operators to work with.
We need people with good knowledge of major cities, if not all cities in their region or country.
Please Email career(at)emiratepad.com if you can work with us